How do I update Visual Composer or other included plugins after updating Credence?

Plugins are updated from time to time and will be included with theme updates (as we release them).  Please keep in mind that plugins are not updated right when one of the plugin authors release them as we need to test updates before including them.  

Several of the included plugins will include notices to purchase the plugin.  This is only necessary if you want access to updates immediately when they release them and direct support from the plugin author.  Otherwise, plugins are already licensed for inclusion with Credence.

After upgrading Credence to a version that includes new versions of plugins (e.g. Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and SH-Shortcodes etc.) You'll need to update the plugins with the automatic updater that notifies you that a new version is available. Once you choose to update, you will have the new version installed.

Please also note that with recent versions of Credence (2.0.8+)- plugins can be updated without an update to Credence if we have it available. Simply uninstall the current version you have and follow the prompts to re-install.  If you’ve disabled the messages in the admin you can also go to Appearance -> Install Plugins as well.