Updating to Credence 2.0 from previous versions

Credence version 2.0 and above bring along some very big updates and features along with updates for WordPress version 4.3. There are a few items that you'll want to take a look at in particular after an update...

1. Theme Options Background images - We have relocated the image background selection for a few locations in theme options to use the WordPress media folder for upcoming WordPress customizer capabilities. If you were using a tiled background image for one of the areas, you will need to upload it to your media folder and reelect it.

2. Header Background Color Missing - We have added the capability to have header area transparencies, so if you notice your header menu background color is missing, you'll just need to reset it and save it. This is located in Theme Options -> Header & Side Menus

Double check your Dropdown Menu Background Color as well in the same theme options location.