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front end breaks with themeco Pro theme


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    Matthew started the conversation

    The "Settings" Dropdown menu item in the WPContacts front end does not expand on click (to "Manage Front Page" "Manage Fields" etc.) with the theme.co Pro theme active. Also add entry button "+" does nothing. Turning on the WPContacts "troubleshooting" option which puts JS in the header is a workaround; so is switching to a different theme (e.g. a standard WP theme).

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    Matthew replied

    Additionally, drag and drop does not work for front-page settings or for managing fields, when theme.co Pro theme is active. The "troubleshooting" option does not resolve these issues, but again shifting away from the theme does resolve them.

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    Lee replied

    Hello Mathew,

    Did you check out the jonradio multiple themes plugin?  Seems to work pretty good for any theme conflicts we've seen so far where you can't prevent them from injecting js in WP Contacts.  Our docs reference this...http://docs.wpcontacts.co/xdocs/wp-contacts/#unable-to-interact-with-the-front-end