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Login problems


  • markobsb started the conversation

    Hi there. Need some help.

    I dont know why, but now my Wp Contacts its acting strange.

    When i try to access it, using a correct username and password, the popup screen come back asking for the password again. I just need to refresh the page, so i can see the database (without typing the password again).

    I've noted that, when the popup shows up for the second time, the buttons are named "UNDEFINDED" (screenshot attached). 

    Can anyone help to fix that bug?

    Attached files:  bug.jpg

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    Lee replied

    Hello Mark,

    have you had a look at our documentation, we have a section that talks about that and you might just have some form of caching interfering on your site -> http://docs.wpcontacts.co/xdocs/wp-contacts/#login-with-undefined-buttons

    Try disabling any caching plugin or server caching you may have set up at least for the WP Contacts page you have set.


  • markobsb replied

    Actually, the only cache it was enabled was that native from wordpress 4.8. I've set it to Off, but the problem is still there :( Any other thoughts?

  • markobsb replied

    Manage to get it to work. Instead disabling the wordpress cache (putting it to Off), just set it to Level 1  (Assets Only). It worked (for now)

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    Lee replied

    Glad you got it Mark!

    Just remember caching interferes with Ajax requests, and a lot of caching tools / plugins will let you disable it for certain pages as well.