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TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'vals.downpayshow')


  • feriamsidera started the conversation

    Okay I have a two fold issue. 

    1. The plugin isn't launching a pop up with the information. 

    2. The plugin seems to fail to function when hosted in a popup itself. 

    I am using the latest version of wordpress / Elementor. 

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    Lee replied

    Hello there and thanks for reaching out!

    It sounds like another plugin might be interfering with the popup.  The best thing to do is disable other plugins one at a time to test which one is interfering.  Once it's determined disable that plugin for the page you have the calculator on.

    Thank you

  • feriamsidera replied

    Yeah the only plugin that is running is Amortization and Elementor / Pro. That is all. I am assuming this is a conflict with Elementor itself. Just putting the widget on a page, it won't work. If I minimize the scripts it works fine but breaks the ability to edit the page itself. If I put the widget in a popup it completely breaks (see screenshot). 

    Attached files:  Screenshot 2019-11-15 10.07.28.png

  • feriamsidera replied

    If back end access is needed please let me know. The site is just a shell while we work on the design and I get all the desired functionality in place. 

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    Lee replied

    Hello Feriamsidera,

    It is most likely the Elementator plugin is overwriting some of our code for displaying things correctly.  We've had another user report that with that specific plugin.  Unfortunately there's not a whole lot we can do to prevent that from our plugin.  I believe you can disable certain elements in the Elementator plugin from them injecting their code but I couldn't tell you offhand how to do that.  If you can't get it to work and you'd like to request a refund at Codecanyon, we'll honor that.

    Thank you.