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Layout on RTL site, adding items to the menu, using the plugin


  • Rubb started the conversation

    I have menu not showing the right place, image 1 is what I see and image 2 is what I need to scroll to see.

    I want to add option to see the last note on menu so it will shown like the first name and etc.

    In general I want to know how to use the plug


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    Lee replied

    Hello Rubb,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I looked at your screenshots and yes, there is a small css change to fix that for RTL layouts.  We've added it for the next release.  In the meantime if you just add the simple code below to your Custom CSS settings in the backend settings for WP Contacts -> Main Settings and towards the bottom it will fix the layout problem:

    .sst-select li ul {
        left: 9999px;  

    Please take a look at our documentation if you haven't yet to find a lot of information about using WP Contacts and what you can do with it, it's located at https://www.scripthat.com/kbt/wp-contacts/ .

    Thank you!